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Launch Excellence V: Surviving and Thriving in a Specialized World


There has been a shift towards specialized medicines for highly segmented patient populations over the past decade. This shift demands a new commercial model and skill set. Multiple channels that allow real-time connection with the target audience play a key role in this new landscape, and activity around current launches that excel reflects this.

Webinar Replay: Disruption and maturity: the future directions for biologics in healthcare


In this webinar, our expert panel analyses the future for biologics in the UK and the factor affecting market access in this territory.

Channel Preference versus Promotional Reality: the core challenge of multichannel marketing


The rise of digital technologies, enabling the growth of Multichannel, is revolutionising the commercial model in ways other trends have not. In this one hour webinar, we invite industry leaders UCB, Old Mutual and QuintilesIMS to discuss how you can optimise your commercial model and how to approach promotion and communication in the increasingly digitised environment. We will discuss the current state of maturity in pharmaceutical multichannel activity, and how to best meet the needs of healthcare professionals.

Global Outlook for Medicines through 2021


Murray Aitken and Michael Kleinrock share an updated perspective on - and the implications of - the use of new and existing medicines as well as spending levels and access constraints through 2021.

The Current and Future Chronic Pain Market: Trends, Reformulations, and the Potential of Novel Therapeutic Approaches


In this webinar about the chronic pain market, experts from the IMS Disease Insights team will explore the latest trends shaping treatment for chronic pain in the major pharmaceutical markets, and the development strategies undertaken by manufacturers to produce safer and better tolerated pain medicines.

Value Frameworks and the Evolving Value Debate


In this webinar, we outline an integrated approach to navigating the overall value debate and select oncology focused Value Frameworks. 

Real-World Application of Predictive Analytics


In this webinar, we dive into the real-world application of predictive analytics to solve challenging healthcare problems and share examples from several therapeutic areas such as neurology, ophthalmology and rare diseases.

IMS Health's 2016 Incentive Compensation Industry Benchmark Survey Results


Incentive compensation experts Dan Ganse and Ann Kane review results of the 2016 Incentive Compensation Industry Benchmark Survey—sharing insights into the latest trends and best practices for improving these plans. The annual survey features input of professionals from pharma companies with diverse sales force sizes and deployments.

Linking Real-World Data


IMS Health's Jaime Thompson and Rolin Wade talk about the strengths and limitations of linking Real-World Data (RWD) databases across sites of care encompassing clinical, cost and socioeconomic data elements.

Biologics and Biosimilars in the Autoimmune Space: A Decade of Change


In this webinar, experts from the IMS Disease Insights team assess the current market and future landscape for biologics in the autoimmune space, and the commercial strategies companies will need to compete effectively. Learn which biosimilars in development will pose the greatest challenge to existing brands, and the disease areas where they’ll have the most impact.

Measuring the Cost of the Right Interventions in Diabetes


In this webinar, our expert panel delves into measuring the cost of the right interventions in diabetes. The discussion explores the patient pathway and how effective modelling – when pharma works together with healthcare stakeholders – can improve outcomes for both patients and the healthcare system as a whole.

Forecasting Beyond A Single Product: Modeling Market Share and its Impact


In this webinar, we’ll outline how IMS Health's modeling platform can be used to extend a traditional ‘product-based’ forecast into a market model that can examine competitors, market events and cannibalization. We’ll look at different ways as well as best practices for how and where to integrate market shares using analogues into a forecast model. And we’ll show how events such as competitor product launches, patent expiry, and approval of additional lines of therapy can be incorporated.

Cancer Treatment Access – Right Strategy, Right Approach, Right Outcomes


Hear exclusive insights and learn how to navigate a new English cancer-treatment funding ecosystem.

The Oncology Market Landscape and Recent Developments in Renal Cell Carcinoma Treatments


Experts from the IMS Disease Insights team review global oncology market dynamics with a focus on renal cell carcinoma (RCC) treatments. Among the areas covered: leading RCC molecules and companies, the RCC drug development pipeline and the market forecast for these treatments.

Q2 2016 IMS Health Conference Call and Webcast


Listen to the webcast of the Q2 2016 IMS Health earnings conference call.

Brexit, What Now for Pharma?


In this webinar replay, key thought leaders deliver exclusive insights on the implications of Brexit which will help life sciences to identify the scenarios and key issues which will affect them and support their post-referendum strategic plan through 2017.

PrEP, Pipelines and Payer Pressure: The Next Decade of HIV Treatment


Experts from IMS Health’s Disease Insights team review the clinical and commercial strategies life sciences companies are adopting to address the changing HIV treatment landscape. The webinar also highlights the drug development pipeline and market forecasts for HIV drugs in key geographies.

Using Insights from Anonymous Patient-Level Data for Incentive Compensation


In this webinar replay, IMS Health experts focus on how anonymous patient-level data in specialty markets can drive change. We also feature a side-by-side analysis of key markets to answer questions around the use of traditional sales data results compared to using anonymous patient-level data.

It's All Dollars & Sense: Streamlining Pricing Information Across Healthcare


In this webinar, we will showcase a new, intuitive, web-based pricing toolkit that is a centralized repository for pricing information. We will demonstrate how this platform allows users access to multiple streams of internal and external pricing data in a single web interface. We will share how users can quickly pull up key pieces of information used in pricing and market access, including cost by indication, dose assumptions, unit list price, by market or geography. And we will examine how the toolkit can evolve over time to meet the customized needs (and data) of specific companies and users.

Market Opportunities from the Aging Population: Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease


In this IMS Disease Insights webinar about aging, experts from the IMS Disease Insights team will discuss the market potential arising from the global aging population, focusing on current clinical and commercial market dynamics and opportunities for two key segments of the pharmaceutical market: Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. The discussion will include a review of the drug development pipeline and market forecasts for these two therapy areas.

Q1 2016 IMS Health Earnings Conference Call


Listen to the webcast of the Q1 2016 IMS Health earnings conference call.

Immuno-oncology: Defining a New Era in Cancer Care


In this IMS Disease Insights oncology webinar replay, experts from the IMS Disease Insights and IMS Thought Leadership teams discuss the exciting immuno-oncology market, focusing on current clinical and commercial market dynamics and opportunities. Register to download the recording.

When 20:20 Isn't Good Enough: Forecasting Patients in the Life Sciences


In this webinar, we’ll outline how IMS Health's modeling platform can be used to achieve better than 20:20 visibility into the impact of a new drug candidate. We’ll look at how a systematic approach to forecasting leads to better understanding of patient needs, and how these needs flow through to monthly, quarterly or yearly demand and revenue. Finally, we’ll examine why such forecasts align the business around one set of numbers, allowing correct sizing decisions for staff, facilities and capacity.

The Essential European Revolution: Why Multichannel is Vital to Europe


This hour-long session focuses on the future of multichannel marketing in Europe—and why life sciences companies can and should embrace this approach to drive their commercial operations and engage an increasingly diverse set of stakeholders. 

Delivering on the Potential of Biosimilar Medicines


The purpose of this report is to describe the potential role for biosimilars and their contribution to healthcare systems; the risks for stakeholders to realize that full potential value; and the requirements for competitive functioning markets in order to capture the full value. It draws on analysis of trends across EU nations over the past decade and observations of the differing practices undertaken by stakeholder groups.

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